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Iowans are upset about emergency powers overriding their constitutionally protected freedoms, and are appalled at the unelected state departments and bureaucrats dictating their livelihoods.

Iowans are coming together to show their elected officials they want swift legislative action to give power back to the people.

Protest is in response to Governor Reynolds mask mandates, and Iowa’s Unconstitutional Emergency Powers on the first day legislators are back in session, at 9:00 am.

Inside Iowa State Capitol Building. The largest and most visible space for our group will most likely be second floor rotunda. I’m sure you won’t miss us – We’ll be the loud group with signs and noise makers!

We will greet Legislators as they enter the building for their first meeting which we anticipate to start at 10:00 and conclude around 11:00.

We will invite legislators to speak after that meeting concludes and we will wrap up after their speeches around 12:30.

Further points:

  1. Iowans sick and tired of our constitutionally protected freedoms being trampled on all in the name of “public health”
  2. Iowa Employers who have been the “whipping boy” for unconstitutional mandates and public harassment if they dare to operate according to their personal convictions
  3. Businesses who have been jerked around this year and forced to open and close at the whim of bureaucrats
  4. Individuals who feel a mask mandate could just as easily lead to a vaccine mandate, all in the name of “public health”
  5. Individuals who feel bullied and segregated from society because they are healthy and want equal access to daily essentials and business services
  6. Churches wanting to encourage their congregations to rise above fear and ensure their right to gather is protected
  7. Parents who want their kids back in school learning and living a normal life with their friends
  8. Individuals who reject the mainstream media narrative and choose to breathe fresh air and live a life without fear
  9. Iowans who are concerned with the other personal health needs that are not being considered by our public health department (i.e. depression, suicide, isolation, etc.)

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