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      Recurring peaceful meetings in Carson City in front of the Capital
      Every Saturday

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      Proud Boys’ return to Carson City, threaten violence as Trump supporters, rally speaker call for government revolt

      Tensions were high Saturday in downtown Carson City in front of the Nevada Legislature building as a “Stop the Steal” rally attracted both a group of people affiliated with the Proud Boys, as well as an armed militia.
      The morning started with only a handful of supporters as temperatures were low. According to Sheriff Ken Furlong, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office had planned for the rally to stay somewhat small this week due to the forecast of snow.

      However, the snow did not come, and despite cold temperatures, several hundred people appeared as the day went on. Many of them calling for violence, including the group of masked Proud Boys.

      The Proud Boys describe themselves as “western chauvinists.” Others, including the FBI, have classified them as an extremist group with ties to white nationalism.

      The group in downtown Saturday continuously threw up White Power hand signs at passing traffic throughout the day, as well as held up White Power hand signs while posing with Trump supporters.

      The White Power hand signs in question are a more recent gesture of white supremacy. By holding the “Okay” sign, with the forefinger and thumb making a circle and the middle, ring and pinkie finger held straight, the hand signal indicates “White Power” with the three fingers making a “W” and the circle being the top of the “P.”

      According to the Anti-Defamation League the hand sign began to be used in 2019 by white nationalists to signify “white power.”

      Many of the Trump supporters applauded the Proud Boys and took photos of and with them, saying to them “You’re awesome!” and “Thank you for your service.” On numerous occasions throughout the morning and afternoon, several vehicles were openly chased by rally participants, who ran into the street screaming things like “Traitor!” and “Get out of your car!”

      On numerous occasions members of the Proud Boys group threatened to fight people who drove by in their cars who had either shaken their heads, gave a “thumbs down” sign or performed other obscene hand gestures toward them.

      Many of those being chased hadn’t interacted with the rally members but rather had bumper stickers that read Biden 2020 on them.

      While law enforcement vehicles drove through the downtown area several times throughout the day, none stopped and there were no foot patrol deputies that could be seen.

      Furlong said that he drove through the downtown area himself around 3 p.m. and once he saw the size of the crowds, he called all available deputies to the location.

      By about 3:45 p.m. on Saturday after law enforcement arrived, hundreds had left, leaving only a small group of Proud Boys and other rally-goers.

      The rhetoric at the Saturday rallies has become increasingly anti-government during the past weeks since the election.

      On Saturday, the rally cries in Carson City for civil war came often.

      “We need to change our America into a new America,” one speaker said. “We will do the things, we will get together with our brothers and sisters and rise up.”

      “We need to get others out here to show people that we do think it’s close to a violent parting,” the speaker said, which can be heard in the beginning of the first video below.

      The speaker went on to say that they are armed and ready to “revolt, reorder, separate and restart America.”

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