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    • Prepper NerdPrepper Nerd
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      We hope that you enjoy this opportunity to meet up with your fellow patriots in a place not controlled by those who would limit our freedoms to do so. Please respect this right by following these Do’s and Don’ts:


      • Connect with fellow patriots
      • Share stories
      • Discuss our freedoms and how to preserve them (legally)
      • Protect your identity
      • Treat others with respect, even if they disagree


      • Post physical addresses
      • Treat this as a dating site

      These Do’s and Don’ts are subject to change. Please make sure you are aware of the rules.

    • GeorgeGeorge
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      Are there other posting rules? I have, on two occasions, tried to make a post that contained several links and they failed to post. several attempts each time.

      -Is there a prohibition on links?
      -Is one link OK, but 2 or more is bad?
      -Does a Mod need to approve the post because of the links? (checking the link to keep the garbage out and reliance to the subject intact?)

      I took a shower this week…..lol

Viewing 1 reply thread
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